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WeVue is a mobile app that enhances the experience of being on a team by bringing company culture to life. Through the power of photo and video sharing, WeVue sparks more committed and inspired team members, reduces turnover, and attracts top talent. 

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How it works

We combine the energy of your people, the flexibility of an app, and the power of the web to capture stories, engage teams, and promote employer branding. 


What it does

Culture Champions quickly implement a strategy to tell, rewrite, and uncover your stories. Team members engage in sharing who they are and what they do. External stakeholders are blown away by how organic your culture becomes in a few short weeks. 

Culture Champions

Engage teams in recognition, promotion, and conversation 

The App

Allows for vision and values to be crowdsourced and communicated

Your Website

Becomes an organic glimpse inside your organization

The Team Member Experience

Learn how people have amazing journeys finding, joining, and working in organizations with the help of WeVue’s Culture Machine

The WeVue Platform

Our software turns people into story tellers, because culture starts with a shared vision and values and enhances how communication happens. 

Asynchronous Video Communication

The best way to communicate today is with video. WeVue turns enterprises into machines for sharing, collecting, and connecting around cultural multimedia.


Interactive Surveys & Feedback

Forget google forms and survey monkey. With WeVue you can get real feedback in the form of video, photo, or text responses. Empower your people to share what they really think. 

Video Profiles for the Team

Every team member and new hire creates a video profile introducing themselves to the organization. Now, when you call Frank for the first time, you can get to know him before you chat. 

Simple Video Creation

Anything that’s added to the app can be turned into a video montage for use in your marketing, culture communication, or presentations. It’s as simple as making a facebook post. 

Attract, engage, and retain top talent

The most attractive story you can tell is how your organization makes a dent in the world. WeVue helps companies, non-profits, teams, and schools show off who they are and what they do by turning intranets and websites into culture machines powered by real people.

The CultureStream

Any of the content crowdsourced on WeVue can be quickly and easily shared to any website to give recruits and potential new hires a real glimpse inside your company. Or the content from WeVue can be streamed to intranets and internal communication tools like slack, yammer, chatter, or sharepoint. 

VectorLearning Uses WeVue to Connect

“I Think WeVue is the best way I have ever seen to introduce a new hire to a company. I have never seen anything better. I care so much about creating great places to work. You want to get to know your coworkers and build trust, that’s very important and a passion of mine, and WeVue is helping me do that.”

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ORS Partners Uses WeVue for Play

The team at ORS knows how to have a good time. Between office pranks, quarterly cookoffs, and amazing holiday parters, they use WeVue to stay connected with an augumented staff. 

Learn more about ORS

gothamCulture uses WeVue for Productivity

With a team of PhDs turned consultants that hate meetings, the organizational development gurus at gothamCulture use WeVue to send asynronous video updates on projects, marketing, and sales to their distributed team. 

Learn more about gothamCulture

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